RIM Pharma laboratories are Specialized in the production and distribution of pharmaceutical and radiopharmaceutical specialties

The creation of RIM Pharma laboratories is an innovative and pioneering initiative in Africa and in the Arabic world, in order to( develop solutions to the diagnosis and cancer therapy / develop diagnostic and treatment solutions for cancer)

RIM Pharma laboratories have immediately positioned themselves as the leader laboratory in the innovation and commercialisation of innovative specialties with major applications in oncology, cardiology, pneumology, neurology, infectious diseases.

Our activities

RIM Pharma laboratories have specialized in two major fields of pharmaceutical industrial activity.

Pharmaceutical Activities

Radiopharmaceutical Activities

Our Vocation

As a responsible public health, guided by the desire to constantly improve the survival and quality of life of patients, we engage in a citizen approach.
Our energy and our entrepreneurial ambition contribute to reach step by step our goal which is to provide concrete solutions to the world of health and patients in therapeutic impasse.
It is part of our mission to offer innovative tools adapted to the early diagnosis and effective treatment of different pathologies.

The risk of developing cancer is steadily increasing due to an aging population. This finding reinforces the importance of early prevention and systematic screening from the age of 40.

We place our passion for science at the service of patients: this is our conviction, the one that affirms our identity, justifies our conduct and guides our strategy.

Priority to scientific research

We develop medication to treat disabling diseases to significantly improve the lives of patients.