Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information

Pharmacovigilance concerns us all. In order to prevent and improve the monitoring of the risks of side effects, whether they are proven or potential, the RIM PHARMA laboratories set up a pharmacovigilance and medical information unit. It has a team of qualified people in charge of the reception and analysis of medical data collected from health care professionals and working in close collaboration with the National Center for Pharmacovigilance (CNPV) as well as the Ministry of Health, in compliance with Good Pharmacovigilance Practices.

This cell e is meant for both health professionals and patients and is available 24/7. We are available by e-mail, phonephone and through a complete pharmacovigilance case declaration form to fill in which will best help us meet your needs.

By reporting side effects you can help provide more information on the safety of the medicine

We count on your precious cooperation